I’m Brielle. I have a distorted view of myself: I want to tell you I am an aspiring scuba diver spy anthropologist, but my friends would probably just say I’m a graphic designer with a vivid imagination. I love setting goals. Most people make them once a year on January 1st, but I make them daily. I want to know and see and experience as much as possible and I truly try to achieve that on a micro and macro scale. How will this moment be the best moment, and how can I carve my life into something unique and special? I love podcasts, epic tales, music that makes your hair stand on end, seeing people happy, and my husband Breck.

I am always on the hunt for my true aesthetic, but I sometimes loose my discerning eye to bend to the latest trends. Perhaps only true masters of the craft have the luxury of that refined and distinct aesthetic space. In this part of my journey, I gravitate towards minimal, clever design solutions.

In my head I can do perfect impersonations. I can have my dad’s voice or the president’s voice or talk to myself in different accents, but when I try to have that same inflection and cadence out loud, my mouth and tongue fail me. It’s so rare to have the power to have something in your head and then be able to bring it out and share it with others. I can only call it magic. Design is my particular strand of magic, how could I not love that?!


If I ever find myself in a creative lull, I head straight for a library or bookstore. To me being amidst books its like standing on a threshold. In front of you is an endless array of doors, each leading you to a different reality, a different world to loose yourself in. The depth of possibilities, the beautiful covers, the smell of new paper and coffee - something about it always sparks my kindling. For me inspiration is rarely a solid idea, it’s the renewed passion to press forward figure it out. 

Unlike a practical person, I organize my bookshelves by color. Sure it’s not the best indexing method but by golly it’s pretty! This design was inspired by my own collection and my wish that everyone took more time to crack open a book.



Although I'm in front of a computer 95% of the time, I relish the moments when i can put ink to paper and create. I love everything about it: the tactile control of the pen, the ink smudges that coat my steadying hand, holding my breath to get the perfect straight line - it's a rush. Every failure is more permanent and every success more triumphant when you work in ink. 


My husband’s beard simultaneously fascinates and disgusts me. I once drew it filled with little monsters that I imagine live in the sweeping nests of wiry hair. This design was based off that doodle.