This was the first Father’s Day card I designed and the inspiration, not surprisingly, came from my own Dad. He taught my siblings and I how to take care of ourselves, our home and our things and while it wasn’t always fun being hounded to do chores while growing up, it’s definitely made us all responsible adults. I think there are probably a lot of people out there that feel they got the same guidance from their fathers.

As I write this I am 30 weeks pregnant with our first child, so this card is for my husband. He has nieces, nephews and has definitely been around babies, but is still slightly awkward. I wrote the Less and Less Uncomfortable Card after thinking about how amazing it will be to not only see my husband become a dad, but also see him become comfortable in that new role. And as usual I can't pass up an opportunity to tease him a bit!

This is another card inspired by my Dad, but also my Grandpa, uncles and many other dads out there that have the uncanny ability to be asleep until you change the channel. Then all of the sudden ‘they are watching that’ and you have to turn it back to their show just in time for the snoring to commence again.

The Finger Poke Keyboard Card is a snarky homage to the Dad out there that you lovingly watch use his pointer fingers to type out anything on the computer. No matter how many times you offer to teach him or help him, he is happy to slowly tap away one letter and a time and don't we just love him for that relentless determination?

The most sentimental of the Father's Day collection is the Perfect Example Card. I wanted to create a card that said simply how great you think your father is. While we all know no one is perfect, sometimes you realize that what you are given is just right for you and your life. This card celebrates each unique dad and how he exemplifies that role for you