Matthew Grier

According to the tax forms I reluctantly fill out each year, I am a graphic designer, art director, and editor. But I’m also a self-diagnosed pizza-loving, adventure-seeking, lovable smart ass. I believe that creativity and design live at the intersection of color, form, style, and imagination and it’s a wonderful world to escape to. I draw inspiration from fashion, architecture, street style photography, interior design, and cinematography. My aesthetic can be quite diverse – austere, bold, romantic, kitschy. My tastes are eclectic so I think that’s reflected in my work.  

Hipsters come in every shape and color. I love the idea of representing that in the Hipster Love Card – a knit beanie, full beard, stoic glare, in every color of the rainbow.

I spent some time thinking about what I’m feeling in those “I can’t even” moments. I thought about feeling deflated, weary, tired, apathetic. And trying to tie a visual to those emotions – the weight you feel, the burden – somehow my twisted mind brought me to a toilet. And I wanted to inject some humor into the Can't Even Card by displaying it in dainty pastel colors like the kind of porcelain throne you’d find in your grandma’s house.


I have a dry, sometimes dark, sense of humor. The Read Idiot Card is very Roald Dahl meets Addams Family. It’s a sadistic Matilda working through her teen angst.


It’s a very specific feeling getting an unexpected card or letter in the mail. Walking to the mailbox doesn’t have that same sense of excitement and anticipation like it used to.

In everything I do, I want to laugh. And I want to make other people laugh. Nothing says “I love you.” like a bloody severed limb.

I would send a card to My friend Keally – she’s about six months pregnant and I’m sure she misses her wine. I’d send a sympathy card her way haha! And I would send a card to my sister – she lives in California but is currently on vacation in Costa Rica. I’d send her a card so it was there waiting for her when she gets home.