Megan Sills



I am terrible at writing about myself. I have a BA in Studio Arts and currently work as an Office Assistant in a photography studio. I still have tons of undeveloped film and more film cameras than I possibly need. I am mom to the world's most adorable toddler and wife to the world's most supportive husband. I love photography because I can do it anywhere. I can create a photograph anytime, anywhere as long as I have my camera. It allows me to capture moments in my own life that I might otherwise have forgotten. Also, I am a terrible painter. 


I love working with natural light for portraits. I love photographing nature, as evidenced by this collection. I like showing others my perspective of the world through my lens. 


I like going for walks in botanical gardens and arboretums for inspiration. I work best outside, usually unaccompanied, but a lot of times I’m with my husband while shooting. I find working at home to be limiting.

For this particular image I was walking under a Weeping Willow when its branches tickled my shoulder in the breeze. I looked up and took the photograph. It is such a small portion of a large tree and a perspective not everyone may think of when they think of Willow trees.

This was a personal goal which a lot of the time my photography is. I usually miss the short window when magnolia trees are blooming but this year I got it. I don't necessarily shoot things for others when I'm photographing nature. I do it because it's something I can do with others or by myself.  

I used to work in a flower shop, so flowers are a favorite subject of mine. For me, images of flowers can lift my spirits and I love that no two flowers are alike. When shooting, I like to isolate individual blossoms with a very shallow depth of field. That's what I did here for the Flower Cluster Card. 


I really like the idea of using my photographs as cards - I get to share my work not only with the card buyer, but also with the card recipient. 

Sunflowers are always so bright and cheery and this one was all by itself in a field of thousands. I just wanted to capture its perfect posture and petals.

If I could send a card to anyone it would be my grandparents. They’ve been gone for a few years, but I miss them every day and that’s what I’d write to them. My grandpa once told me after my grandma passed away that she had bought so many greeting cards he probably wouldn’t ever have to buy any as long as he was alive.