When designing anything you can portray a feeling that makes the people viewing it feel a certain way, and the fact that you can do this with print and web opens up a wide range of projects with which you can achieve this. There are so many possibilities when designing and I will forever be fascinated and never grow tired only hungry to learn more. When it comes to my style, I mostly like to keep things simplistic and limited in color. But I’m not afraid to push the envelope when it comes the time to do so. I enjoying working with Illustrator, Photoshop, and when I illustrate typography I use all kinds of markers and paper. I find inspiration in many places like Dribbble, Pinterest, Behance, Typography Served, and Aaron Draplin’s website. I think being in a space where you feel at peace and comfortable effects your work greatly. An area with open windows, lots of sunlight and a large work space is the best setting. And if there is a comfy chair that’s always a bonus.

For the I Can't Even Card, I thought the words should speak for themselves. I also wanted to put emphasis on the duality of the message - can't and can - so incorporated a san serif font on both the cover and inside of the card. Since this is an encouraging card I picked a bright color and circles to make it more lively.

When I hear someone say “get it” it sounds bold, energetic and encouraging. I decided on an illustrated, stylized type to reinforce that powerful feeling that is evoked when you say and/or hear the phrase.

The Facebook Message Birthday Card is my favorite card. I wanted to illustrate the action of sending a Facebook message to play with the idea that the receiver is getting more than an online message, but is, in a way, still getting an e-message through the imagery. It was fun making the idea come to life and I feel like people will definitely relate to this card!

This Waffles Love Card is fun! Because of the playfulness of the message, I chose to illustrate graphics that compliment the tone and would draw your attention to the inside of the card. I designed several options for Sarah to choose from because the text was lively and inspiring - I think we both had trouble choosing a favorite, but this design won for it's simplicity  


 "If I could send a card to anyone, I would send it to my grandmother. even though she lives 10 minutes away, I know she would appreciate it greatly. I would say we are a family that holds onto cards for awhile. During any big holidays my mom tapes all the cards we receive on a door so we can always take a glance at the heartfelt messages."