Watercolor Collection

For the first collection, I wanted to create a look that was accessible and colorful. Inspired by trying to find a slab of quartz counter top for my kitchen remodel, I started playing around with layers of color and texture. From there it was a matter of making the collection cohesive in tone and style, but creating a unique element in each card through typography and message.


 I wrote the Mushy Sentiments Birthday Card while thinking about my overly sentimental husband (total falsehood) and trying to come up with a card that would make him laugh by leading him to believe the waterworks were coming, but inside is straightforward and direct.

After designing the delicate pattern on the You’re a Keeper Thank You Card, I wanted the message to be pure and honest. There are times when a person does something for you that you’re so grateful for that you just want to keep them and that moment forever. That is who this card is for.

I have a passionate love for champagne. I find it to be a useful tool for heartaches, bad work days, celebrations, Tuesday nights, cold remedies and everything in between. The Champagne Cures Everything Card is the epitome of my thoughts on champagne and it's use for any occasion. And yes, there is a bottle in my fridge. 

 I love the simplicity and playfulness of the message in the You're Cute Love Card. After having already set the tone, I wanted to balance it with a bold color that mirrors the bluntness of the inside message. If I were to send this to anyone, it would honestly be my dog. She doesn't always act like a keeper, but she is so stinking cute that you can't do much else but love her!

A truly inspired card! I may be revealing too much, but I used to have a tendency to dislike anyone when I first met them. Charming, I know. I chose the color and pattern of this card first and wanted to downplay the sweetness a bit. So I accessed my grumpier days and thought about what a person would say when they want to express themselves, but find it painful to be sentimental.