I chose the color palette for this card first, before designing or deciding to make it a simple Thank You card. I love the dark and light blues and added pops of purple and yellow-green to brighten things up a bit. I went with a straightforward "Thank You" for the content because thank you and congratulations are the types of cards I find myself writing and sending most often. I wanted this card to be able to fit multiple occasions, lifestyles and aesthetics. I was also highly influenced by the sun making it's first appearance in about 3 weeks and spring finally setting in. 


As I mentioned before, congratulations and thank you cards are the ones I send most often. I had my friend's mother's retirement in my mind when I designed this card, so I kept things feminine, light and springy knowing she would love the flower details and color palette. I also sent this card for my cousin's high school graduation, but think it would make a great "congratulations on your new baby" card too!

I love stripes. This card was designed last in the collection and I wanted something that would set it apart from the other cards as I knew it would be blank inside, so I created a light, dotted stripe background before applying the watercolor flowers on top. I loved layering colors, textures and shapes and feel this card rounds out the collection as a whole.


I wanted to create a beautiful encouragement card for this collection and after designing the bold, bright bouquet I knew this card would be perfect for an uplifting sentiment. Rather than go with the standard "good luck" or "you can do it," I opted for the straightforward approach of "you are amazing" thinking it would be easy for you to customize the inside for any occasion. And sometimes there doesn't need to be an occasion. Sometimes people just need to be told that they are amazing!