Cafe Notes + Company is an online shop that provides creative products that inspire our community to connect through the written word. Launched in 2016, it is the passion project of one woman who wanted affordable, beautiful cards that made snail mailing an artistic expression as well as a way to stay in touch. Sometimes sweet, sometimes snarky but always real, Cafe Notes + Company cards are designed with the goal to provide authentic platforms where the sender and receiver can have a true conversation.



A bit about the owner…

I believe in the power of the written word and slowing down to take time to connect with others. (Disclaimer: I email and text with the best of them, but I also send snail mail like it’s my job - which it is now!) Sitting down with pen and paper allows me to unplug from the frenzy of the rest of the world and make a more authentic connection with the person at the other end of the mailbox. Taking time for others is why I started my company and what I hope to inspire you to do too!

After work, I unwind in the kitchen with a new recipe and Parks and Rec on repeat. I get lost in reading. I love traveling with my hilarious husband, Tim. I have a two year old daughter (and a baby on the way) that I get to hang out with all day. Currently I am learning how to garden, juggle motherhood and solopreneurship, and find time to relax and live in the moment. One day I hope to turn Cafe Notes + Company into a cafe and shop where I can connect with you in person over a shared love of writing and legal addictive stimulants!